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Kroger pioneer dishes career advice

Be ambitious, but be patient. Seek experiences, not promotions. Get support in the workplace, but also at home. And never wear “old lady” shoes.
Jayne Homco, a 42-year veteran of the Kroger Co., imparted these bits of wisdom and more during the closing session at Western Michigan University’s 52nd annual Food Marketing Conference in Grand Rapids, Mich. ...

Why Soft Skills Matter

Making Sure Your Hard Skills Shine
To get, and keep, a job you typically need a repertoire of technical skills. Dentists need to know how to fill cavities. Secretaries need to type 100+ words per minute. Accountants need to be certified.Beyond the technical skills, though, which dentist do you go to? The one who is pleasant and takes time to answer your questions; or the one who treats you like a number in a long line of numbered mouths?Which secretary do you retain when times are lean? The one whose attitude is positive and upbeat, and who is always willing to help; or the one who is inflexible and has a hard time admitting mistakes?Likewise, think about accountants. ...

3 Pitfalls Recruiters Must Avoid in Job Interviews

HR people need to sharpen their questions and open up the conversation to get the best talent and the right fit.
our company is only as good as the company it keeps: The associates that comprise your stellar team. The best way to ensure your associates are up to snuff is at the interview stage, and chances are you may be conducting them all wrong. ...

How to Outsmart the Robots and Hold On to Your Job

Staying one step ahead of job automation.

There's been a lot written about artificial intelligence, and many fear their jobs will disappear as a result of driverless cars or self-checkout lanes in stores. The truth is, for decades your work has been replaced by automation in factories and by personal computers, but you found a way to adapt. ...

10 Ways to reduce workplace stress for good

1. Don’t be afraid to say no
It is a natural feeling to want to help others and to go the extra-mile, however taking on more tasks than you can handle will only lead to unnecessary stress. It may take some practise, however learning to say no will ensure you are focussed on the task at hand and you may find yourself producing some of your best work yet. ...

Millennial women face new mental health struggles in the workplace

A growing body of research suggests that young workers are increasingly adding mental health days to their personal days, and young women are particularly at risk.
Millennials report higher rates of depression than any other generation and are now the biggest sector of the workforce, creating new challenges in work culture and mental health treatment. ...

Common job interview questions – and how to answer them

While technology has had a huge impact on job hunting, one aspect has remained unchanged: the job interview. And one of the stalwarts of the interviewer’s toolbox is the competency question.
A competency can be either a skill or behaviour. ...

What Can You Dump Today to Be More Productive?

sing the 4D’s of Time Management can help you become more productive.
But, there is a cost. While you may be respected for your time management skills you may not be very well liked.
Be aware of this when you apply The 4D’s to your business and personal time management efforts. ...

Bamboozled: Job scam targets college students

It's an oldie, but a goodie -- at least according to scammers who use phony job offers to steal from college students.
Please share this with your younger loved ones and make sure they don't fall victim.
It goes like this:
The con artists post fake administrative job opportunities on college employment websites. ...

Job Safety Tips All Your Workers Need to be Aware of

Safety on the job for an employee, fellow employees, and beneficiaries of the work cannot exist only on policy or in theory. A safe workplace depends on management and employees following the guidelines, communicating, and keeping each other in check. ...