Spreading Your Wings: How to Start Your Aviation Career off Right


Being a pilot may have always been your dream. Having the ability to fly through the sky is something that is often glamorized and romanticized. You may not realize how much effort it can take to make your dreams come true. Here are some steps that you can take to get your aviation career off to the right start.


Enroll in a Formal Education Program


There are lots of careers that are available in the aviation industry. The first place to start is to get a good education. Look into aviation schools so that you can find one that will be the right fit for you. Make sure to diversify your educational background so that you have more flexibility when it comes to your career choices. You don’t want to become stuck in a role that doesn’t appeal to you.


Grow Your Flight Experience


Flight schools are a good way to gain some air time. You’ll need lots of this if you’re serious about becoming a pilot. They teach you the ins and outs of what it takes to fly in any type of weather conditions or events. This can prove to be beneficial if you pair it with a more formalized educational pathway to help you realize your goals in the aviation industry.


Rack up Some Flight Hours


Focus on gaining as many flight hours as possible. Having this experience can help you to land a job as a pilot in any type of sector. You’ll need more than just the flight hours that you accumulate at school in order to be considered in a more professional environment.


Get Your Foot in the Door


You have to get started out somewhere when it comes to being a pilot. You may want to consider taking a job at a charter company. As you gain more experience in the industry, you might be able to move onto a higher paying company. Commercial airlines may be your end goal or even flying for the military. No matter how you get there, starting off right can make your career more successful.


There are lots of ways that you can be successful when it comes to your aviation career. Getting the right education can make you more attractive as a candidate for any company that you’re considering. You have to keep your options open if you want to be successful. Work on developing your reputation so that you can become a sought after pilot.


By: Lizzie Weakley