New Teacher? What to Consider When Choosing a School to Work At


Teaching can be one of the most rewarding careers that a person can engage in. However, it is also one in which you have to prove yourself for several years before gaining any job security. Therefore, it is critical that you choose wisely when it comes to picking a school to begin your career at.


How Much Support Do New Teachers Get?


In most states, teachers have to work for several years before they are given tenure. In the meantime, employment is extended on a probationary basis only. Depending on the state a person works in, this may mean taking educator development courses, getting an advanced degree or doing well on classroom and other observations.


As a general rule, how a teacher is perceived in the classroom is a mixture of objective measurements and subjective decisions made by administrators. Therefore, it is important that a teacher has the support of the principal as well as veteran teachers in the building. Without this support, a teacher could feel isolated or unwanted, which could cause a person to doubt his or her abilities.


Is There Opportunity for Career Advancement?


While teachers may have to travel to many different schools or school districts to move up in their careers, future opportunities are generally dependent on prior performance. If a teacher is unable to gain experience with new state assessment programs or modern teaching methods, it may be difficult to get jobs outside of the district.


Teachers who are not given recommendations or good words from their current or past administrators may have trouble advancing. Of course, it is possible that being associated with a district with a poor track record of developing students could also be a red flag when searching for work. Therefore, it is important that teachers think about how their first job may impact their future opportunities before accepting a position.


Is There a High Level of Turnover?


A high level of turnover within a district is a sign that there may be an issue with how administrators deal with teachers. It could also be a sign that parents don’t support the teachers in disputes with their children. Whatever the issue may be, it may be a good idea to figure out why so many people choose to leave shortly after being hired.


Conversely, it may also be worthwhile to find out why there may be a lack of turnover in a district. Whether it’s the great pay, supportive parents or a supportive staff, you should know why the district is a good one to work for. This may inform your answers during the interview or otherwise help you get hired there.


Do the Students Come From Good Homes?


If students come from homes where parents are absent or abusive, it may impact how well the child does in school. While children in those types of situations can still be good students who respect their teachers, it may be more difficult to get them to focus.


Although a poor home life may make it harder for a child to do well in school, you may still be on the hook for meeting performance standards. Therefore, you may want to steer clear of situations that may not put you in the best chance to succeed until you have a track record of success elsewhere.

Teachers are expected to put their children in the best position to succeed academically regardless of the resources educators are given. Therefore, your job is to find a position where you can establish yourself as a worthy professional who is capable of greater opportunities in the future.

By: Hannah Whittenly


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