Don’t Settle! 4 Concerns to Consider Before Taking a Job at Wal-Mart


Walmart is one of the largest employers in the world, and it is very difficult to win a worker’s compensation case against the company. It is possible, however, to win these cases. A worker in an El Paso, Texas, Walmart slipped in the meat department because the floor scrubber was operated inappropriately, and she was awarded $199,112 while a backroom worker in Dallas received an electrical shock and was awarded $254,176 and a Lafayette, Louisiana, court awarded a sales associate $130,110 after she fell when wet-floor signs were not placed in wet conditions. Before you agree to go to work for Walmart, here are some things that you need to consider.


Understand Walmart Insures Itself


One of the things that you will be quickly told during new-hire orientation is that Walmart ensures itself. At that time, it may not mean much to you, but it means that the insurance company is owned by Walmart even though they make it sound like it’s a separate entity called Claims Management. Since Walmart is giving injured employees part of their profits, they fight even harder not to pay employees who are injured. Often they will not remind you that they own Claims Management and try to trick you with questions to make you confused. While Walmart may try to convince you that you need to use their doctors, in most cases you have the right to choose your own medical team.


Ensure Walmart Follows Their White Code


Walmart has an accident policy called the White Code. Make sure if you are injured at work that you follow it immediately. Help ensure that all the paperwork is filled out correctly. Managers lose part of their bonuses for every accident that happens in their stores, so they may try to hide your injury from their bosses. Insist that pictures be taken of where the accident occurred and that you get a copy of those pictures. Furthermore, insist that you are taken immediately to a medical facility.


File an Incident Report                    


Even if you do not think that you need medical attention if there is any possibility that you have been hurt on the job, file an incident report immediately. One of the tricks used by Claims Management is to try to prove that the injury occurred away from work. Do not let co-workers or management bully you into thinking that you do not need to file the report. If someone tries to stop you, then make sure you contact a lawyer immediately. If it turns out you were not injured, then the incident report cannot be used against you in any way.


You Might End up Needing a Lawyer


If you end up working at Walmart and are, then you need to contact a lawyer, like those from Oxner + Permar, LLC, who has worked injury cases involving monopoly companies. Take a notebook and write down what happened in your own words. Give your notes to your lawyer. You have the right to have your medical bills taken care of when injured on the job. You also may have the right to receive compensation for pain. One trick that Claims Management often uses is to try to convince you to go back to work too soon. A lawyer can help you fight Claims Management.


If you are thinking about accepting the job offer that Walmart has given you, then understanding the consequences if you become injured is vital. You will need a good lawyer to fight the company because they self-insure. Use these tips to help protect yourself.



By: Hannah Whittenly

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