Be in Charge! Top Jobs for People Who Hate Having a Boss


Being your own boss doesn’t have to be some faraway dream. There are many jobs that are perfect for people who don’t like answering to a boss. With the right skills and training, you can work for yourself in one of these positions.


Freelance Journalist


You can set yourself apart from the mainstream media by becoming a freelance journalist. You’ll have the chance to report on stories that often don’t get a lot of media coverage. You can choose to either write articles to sell to news agencies or post them on your own news website. If you’re able to take good pictures that are newsworthy, you can try selling them to news agencies as well.


Whether you want to report on crime, fashion or sports, there are many opportunities in freelance journalism. You can also choose to become an investigative journalist and create in-depth reports on specific subjects.


Independent Truck Driver


If you want to be an owner operator of a trucking service, you can work as an independent truck driver. It’s important for you to have a truck that’s reliable and capable of transporting various load sizes. You may also want to invest in some padding and tarps from a manufacturer like Glider Systems Inc to keep the items that you’re hauling better protected.


Obtaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL) will be required if you plan to operate a large or heavy truck. You should get the proper business licensing and insurance as well. Completing a course at a truck driving school can also prepare you better to start working.


Wilderness Guide


ZipRecruiter describes this position as someone who makes a living guiding hikers along wilderness trails. You can also take groups on mountain climbing or whitewater rafting adventures. Camping, horseback riding and fish angling excursions are other activities that you can arrange.


As a wilderness guide, you’ll want to have the necessary equipment to keep you and everyone in your group safe. A GPS device or standard compass will help prevent you from getting lost. Bug, bear and other types of animal repellent are good to have on hand as well. A first aid kit should also be brought along if someone in the group becomes injured.


Massage Therapist


Massage therapists are hired to help clients who need treatment for certain injuries or just want to relax. There is also the option of becoming a chair massage therapist and offering your services to company employees who want some stress relief. A massage table or chair along with different lotions or oils will be the tools that you’ll use to do your job.


As far as education requirements go, each state has a certain amount of schooling hours that must be completed. You may also need to apply for additional licensing and certification from your state or city. A liability insurance policy should be obtained as well.


Working independently will allow you to have more control over your career. You can start being your own boss and living the life that you want.


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