3 Reasons An Electrical Apprenticeship Could Be Right For You


Employment in the trades is receiving new interest as more office and manufacturing tasks are automated, and the need for skilled, hands-on workers increases. If you feel you have the aptitude and interest to go into a field such as electrical work, you may be interested to know that employment opportunities as an electrician are expected to grow 9 percent in the next decade, within a variety of different areas of expertise. Electricians learn their trade from masters in the field during an apprenticeship, which provides on-the-job training as you earn. Here are just a few of the reasons why an electrical apprenticeship can offer a valuable start to a successful career.


1—Electrical Work In The Construction Industry


Over the past decade, the construction industry has lagged, primarily as a result of the mortgage crisis and economic collapse of 2008. The crisis caused a lag in construction of new homes and apartment buildings that has is now seeing a building boom. Past problems are presenting new opportunities for electrical apprentices who are interested in working in the construction of new homes, apartment and industrial buildings.


2—Maintenance And Repair For Utility Companies


Recent natural disasters have shown how important the skills of electricians are for getting a community up and running again, after a hurricane or other event has knocked out its electricity. An electrical apprenticeship will prepare you with on-the-job practical training that will allow you to gain expertise in this critical community resource. You will also be involved in the restoration of older electrical systems that require updating. An established technical school, like HVAC Technical Institute, can help you prepare to enter this important field of work.


3—Opportunity For Entrepreneurship


An electrical apprenticeship can also provide the solid basis for establishing an electrical contracting business of your own in the future. The skills you learn during your apprenticeship, and the years you work in the field, will provide the knowledge and detailed experience that can help you start a business of your own, providing electrical connection and repair to homes and businesses in your locality.


Electricity will continue to be a critical source of power for many years to come. Your electrical apprenticeship can be the start of a career that encompasses a variety of fields and many new opportunities for innovation. If you are considering a career as an electrician, look into the many interesting options that will be available for your future.


By: Emma Sturgis

Emma Sturgis