Perk Up Hiring with Games for Recruiters

Many organizations are leveraging games to engage potential candidates with the employer brand and assess applicants for skills and fit. So why not bring those same gaming techniques in-house and allow recruiting teams and staff to track their successes in a fun way?
"When it comes down to it, many recruiters have a mindset much like that of a salesperson or marketer and are driven by a competitive spirit," said Ben Eubanks, SHRM-SCP, principal analyst at talent acquisition analysis firm Lighthouse Research and Advisory, based in Austin, Texas. ...

10 Signs Your Manager Doesn't Deserve You

I wish I had known when I was younger that not everybody would appreciate my brand of jazz. I spent trillions of brain and heart cells trying to please people who would never be pleased by anything I had to offer them.
They just weren’t into me, and that’s fine. ...

When retiring isn’t an option: 'I couldn't retire if I wanted to'

People just aren't prepared. According to a study on retirement confidence by the Employee Benefit Research Institute published last week, less than half of those surveyed have tried to calculate how much money they'll need in retirement, and 39% simply guess rather than doing a systematic analysis. ...

Should Workers Over 40 Have Four-Day Weekends?

Should Workers Over 40 Have Four-Day Weekends?
Research suggests shorter workweeks keep older employees sharp, productive
If new research suggests that cutting the hours of older workers could boost productivity—and a company’s bottom line—should employers take heed? 
While the prospect may sound outlandish, consider that Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford was viewed as a radical—and was even called “crazy”—when in 1914 he doubled employees’ pay and reduced their work time from nine to eight hours a day. ...

Walmart, fast-food chains offer employees free GED program

GEDWorks says it gives employees everything they need to prepare for and pass the GED test through a “pay as you progress” fixed price to the employer.

Some of the country’s major retailers and fast-food restaurants are offering employees free GED preparation and testing starting this year, tapping into a potentially large market of adults who lack a high school diploma and could greatly benefit from higher education. ...