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Millennial women face new mental health struggles in the workplace

A growing body of research suggests that young workers are increasingly adding mental health days to their personal days, and young women are particularly at risk.
Millennials report higher rates of depression than any other generation and are now the biggest sector of the workforce, creating new challenges in work culture and mental health treatment. ...

Common job interview questions – and how to answer them

While technology has had a huge impact on job hunting, one aspect has remained unchanged: the job interview. And one of the stalwarts of the interviewer’s toolbox is the competency question.
A competency can be either a skill or behaviour. ...

What Can You Dump Today to Be More Productive?

sing the 4D’s of Time Management can help you become more productive.
But, there is a cost. While you may be respected for your time management skills you may not be very well liked.
Be aware of this when you apply The 4D’s to your business and personal time management efforts. ...

Bamboozled: Job scam targets college students

It's an oldie, but a goodie -- at least according to scammers who use phony job offers to steal from college students.
Please share this with your younger loved ones and make sure they don't fall victim.
It goes like this:
The con artists post fake administrative job opportunities on college employment websites. ...

Job Safety Tips All Your Workers Need to be Aware of

Safety on the job for an employee, fellow employees, and beneficiaries of the work cannot exist only on policy or in theory. A safe workplace depends on management and employees following the guidelines, communicating, and keeping each other in check. ...

6 Common Job Search Questions Answered

Apply with confidence – and don't forget to follow up.
Improve your chances of being the selected job candidate by using social media.
Companies are checking you out online, so why not use social media to enhance your qualifications? A 2015 CareerBuilder survey of more than 2,000 hiring managers and human resource professionals revealed that 52 percent of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates. ...

Three Tips for Acing Informational Interviews

Informational interviews are powerful career management tools.
They typically take the form of short meetings with accomplished professionals who examine your career and share their insight and experience. They often address such questions as whether you should switch industries, move to a different firm, take an international assignment, or become an entrepreneur. ...

The head of HR at a company with over 60,000 employees shares his 5 best career tips for 20-somethings

I was born just a few years too late to be considered a true Millennial, but when it comes to work, I share the same attitudes and experiences as my slightly younger colleagues.
Unlike previous generations, for whom entire careers were spent at the same company, many of us who can still call ourselves young without raising eyebrows believe in following our passions, in finding meaning in our work, and in welcoming change rather than rejecting it. ...

8 Paradoxical Habits Of Wildly Successful People

You know what they say about opinions — everybody has one. If you want to see that truth in action, just Google “characteristics of successful people.” Some of the results will undoubtedly point to the famous Marshmallow Study at Stanford, which demonstrated that the ability to delay gratification is a key component of success. ...

When Everything's Going Wrong At Work, This Is The Personality Trait You Need

When Shawshank Redemption’s Andy Dufresne is wrongly convicted of murdering his wife and sentenced to life in prison, he takes the slow way out.
Every night from his cell he digs a little further toward freedom. Each morning he gathers the debris in his two fists and then releases it down his pant legs through holed pockets on the prison grounds. ...